The Aching Heart

That Just Wants To Be Held, Every Once In A While...

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Why am I even still upset about this?
Maybe... its the fact... that I don't ask for much, and when I really needed you to just be there for me, and to just hold me, you blew off what you said you'd do like a week in advance to go drinking. It kind of makes me sick, how you can just like, forget about me that easily for some spontaneous thing. It makes me sick thinking about it, because I reminded you, because you say you easily forget things. I guess I thought a friend asking for your help would take higher priority in your memory.
Are we even friends?
Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it.
Yes, I am mad, and yes, this is an angry journal. I don't expect anything like 99% of the time, but I do expect you to be there when I need you. Way to kill my expectations... You don't even answer me most of the time. I just feel like a fucking nuisance. Every damn day, I feel like a nuisance. For a while, I didn't have that feeling around you, but I do now. So, I have to ask you. Are you even my friend?

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I know this feeling. I know it too well. I've known it all year long..I know I know I know..you're not alone with this..I love you mike..

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