The Aching Heart

That Just Wants To Be Held, Every Once In A While...

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With lowered eyes
Trying to stay positive still. Its very hard. It really seems like The Girl doesn't want to be with me at all, I feel like... she is afraid of me, or something... I've allowed my feelings to be pushed aside for other people before, but I really don't want to do that for anyone seeking her love... I try to be close to her, she already knows I like her, but she seems so much happier when it is anybody else that is close to her... I watch with lowered eyes as a friend holds her... He probably likes her too, a lot of people do... She sat away from me after I sat next to her, when she went to sit back down... damn it. I want to be able to lay my head in her lap and have her pet my hair again, but I honestly don't think she would. Strength... I could really use some right now...


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