The Aching Heart

That Just Wants To Be Held, Every Once In A While...

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Truth Is...
I got this from a friend off facebook :)

I can't stand being away from friends, because that's when the horrible thoughts in my head are capable of tormenting me

Most of the time, when I am giving a hug, I wish with all my heart that the other person won't let go...

I care a lot about a few people, and I will probably continue to do so forever.

I sleep really good when I have someone to hold

Well... so long as I don't allow my hands to wander so much

I am sort of afraid of relationships, because I do like so many people, that I don't want to hurt anyone...

I can get easily attached to someone, but I only really connect with a few people

I'm afraid of people getting attached to me, again, because I don't want to hurt anyone

I don't feel good enough for the friends I have OR the people I like

There is more, I'll probably update it as I think of it


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