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My Heart, and the Girls of It.
I like a lot of people. I would like to be with these people, of course some more than others. I don't know what to do honestly, I want to try to be with everyone, haha, but that's kind of a bad thing isn't it? There are people I want to be with, but there is no physical way to be, there are others who I would like to be with but I feel like I am so far out of their league, there is also someone I've been with already that I want to get back with, but I think I want to be with someone else before I even go back to her, if at all... And, I don't think I could be with her, since I am a very physical person and she is uncomfortable with me cuddling with anyone, even if it is strictly platonically. I don't know why I am holding on, since that is the case. Maybe I do want to be with her moreso than I think..? I'm a pretty big flirt, but I'm also a bad flirt, cause I tend to get attached to whoever flirts back... I am also far too touchy for my own good... Plus, these stupid mood swings I get sometimes makes me feel like people don't want to be with me. I would appreciate some comments on this... :P

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*flails* if i had more time to hang out with anyone i would hang out with yoooooooooooooooooou so much more! everytime i get free time im like "fuck the world" and hide in my room or if I do wanna hang out with people they're all missing

haha, that is so true, especially on the weekends. during the week i am all like "Herpderp, hanging with friends" and as soon as the weekend starts its like everyone disappears

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