The Aching Heart

That Just Wants To Be Held, Every Once In A While...

What can I do?
Have you ever had someone who, whenever they were mentioned, or you thought about them, you just got really depressed and/or angry? That, you were justly depressed over them. How can you make it so you don't get depressed over them. Do you think talking to them would help the situation? Does it depend on the situation? Does it depend on the people? What if someone offered to first talk to the person, to try to see how they would react? Would that be okay? Is it Right to ignore someone's existence simply because you don't agree with what they do, or because they just make you sad? Or should you at least try to smooth things out to a neutral ground. What if you tried talking to them before, and they said really inconsiderate and hurtful things. Would it then be okay to try to ignore their existence? What if someone who is really important to you is friends with that person, does that change the situation entirely, or does it not affect the situation at all, or only a little?


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