The Aching Heart

That Just Wants To Be Held, Every Once In A While...

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I've been so disgustingly lazy lately... I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been doing my exercises, and much of my days have been spent at friends' houses playing video games. I still feel as fit as I was at the end of the school year, but I haven't got a clue if that is true... I wish I had someone hear to practice with and keep me motivated. BUT, that second part is kind of contradictory to the spirit of kendo, I think. Kendo is a way of life, and if I can't even motivate myself to do it, then what am I doing practicing it... This is an excuse, straight-up, but its just so cold outside and I rarely even go outside during the winter. There isn't a place in my house to practice, even though there is space in the garage that is in our backyard, but I'd have to go outside in order to get there, and that fact alone is turning me off.


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